About Me

Welcome! I will introduce myself. My DJ name is DJ YOZ, 38 years old. I am living in the Netherlands. I love listening to electronic music since I got my first electronic audio CD in 1992 from my parents with Christmas. Later at the age of 18 I started to listen to Electronic Music till now. I still love it. In 2003-2005 I went to several big Trance-parties in the Netherlands. That was the start when I decided how to learn beatmixing as a DJ. In 2005 I learned beatmixing myself and since 2007 I am producing my own electronic music (Trance / Techno / Tech-Trance) as a bedroom producer. I stopped a while with DJ and producing but since 2013 I am back again. In February 2017 I bought myself a DJ-set again, two Pioneers CDJ-800 mk2 cd players and a Skytec 300 mixer.

Hope you like my Electronic Music and Mixes! Listen and enjoy!